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Mandarina Studio started as a personal project in crafting handmade charms. Each charm is woven by hand in London, using high quality glass beads.

We want each piece to feel special, so along with the love & care we put into every necklace, we also use high quality materials. Emily creates each piece of jewellery by hand, while Arturo creates & manages the website, dealing with all the technical bits.

We aim to practice sustainable making in all aspects of Mandarina Studio. Our packaging is pared back to save both excess postal fees and the environment! Your order packaging will consist of a raw cotton envelope style pouch - handmade in our London studio; silk or recycled ribbons; acid free tissue paper and cardboard postage materials.

Shopping in person

Want to pick up the pieces, try them on, and buy in person?

Our core collection is also currently stocked at Radical Giving in Lewes.

Whatโ€™s in a name?

Mandarina [noun] a type of small orange that has a sweet taste

The name Mandarina was born on a trip to Santa Maria Huatulco, Mexico. While driving along the winding roads of a small beach town, we passed an old faded sign which said, Mandarina Sunset Bar - for some reason the name stuck with us!

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